So it begins..

ImageOk, so I would like to welcome you all on this journey with me. This is my first time blogging.. I’m a newbie! But I wanted to keep track of my progress and hopefully help others if.. jk I mean when I succeed. The pictures above are taken the same day, the left picture is when I woke up before eating or drinking anything. The one to the right is before ┬ábed. Huge difference in my belly huh? I have no pin pointed reason to why I bloat. A gastrologist suggested IBS after I had unpleasant intestinal testing done (blush) that came back negative. “IBS” seems to affect a good amount of people, but what causes it exactly? Doctors seem to give that diagnosis when no other reason can be explained, and different foods affect different people. The bloating and digestive issues happen almost daily now and I’m tired of it.

I truly believe in sensitivities to gluten, dairy, fructose etc. but before I start pointing fingers I want to clean my diet out of crap.. I mean processed food. No more lunchables, subway sandwiches, my beloved goldfish crackers, for the time being. I don’t shove my face with food all day to get my belly to expand so much, I eat proportionally for my weight range. But I am guilty of eating convenient packaged foods a good amount in my diet, also getting take out when I don’t feel like cooking.

So this is my journey on cleaning out my diet for improved health and digestion along with improving my fitness. I’m hoping improved nutrition and fitness will also help with mood swings (for my boyfriend’s sake), mental clarity, fatigue, and any other unexpected gains in the process. I will be posting meals and share yummy recipes I find or come up with!